The Elements of Engaging Facebook Ads

July 24, 2018

Wondering how your Facebook ads should look like? In the last several weeks I started collecting screenshots of ads that captured my attention. Here they are. 


Optimizely Facebook Ads


Optimizely uses facebook to promote its product, events, and content. Note the use of different types of graphics to deliver messages. 



Rinse Facebook Ad


This one is my personal favorite. The Rinse ad speaks to the emotion. Who wants to be doing laundry, when this is the alternative? 




Pinterest Facebook Ads


A recently promoted Pinterest campaign calling brands and advertisers to use Pinterest to reach 80% of US moms, as well as 1 in 2 millennials.


Great work matching eye-catching images with solution-focused phrases. The offer itself is does a great job alleviating fear by offering free expert help on creation of first ad.


Here are some of the Facebook ad examples + bonus Instagram ad. 


VMO Facebook Ads


VMO does a fantastic job using the Facebook carousel to tell a story. 



Spotify Facebook Ads


Spotify also uses facebook carousel ads utilizing colorful, clean graphics. Notice the use of emoji in the copy and the number of interactions with the ad. 




Shopify Facebook Ad


Shopify uses clean, creative, capturing design to promote content.



WordStream Facebook Ads


The use of lines and colors in the WordStream graphics draws some attention. These two ads combined got almost 300 reactions from users  by the time these screenshots were taken, an indicator to WordStream doing something right with these ads. 


WordStream Facebook Carousel Ad


Another sponsored ad by WordStream. This time, a carousel ad that tells a story using beautiful graphics. 




TechCrunch Facebook Post


The TechCrunch Facebook posts get to be listed in this article, even though they aren't sponsored due to the excellent quality of these ads. 


In the post on the left, TechCrunch is featuring a simple yet mind boggling video ad, utilizing footage of audio waveform and the sound of a keyboard. Genius.  


The other post by TechCrunch is a great example of simple texture graphic that uses colors in the right way with the result of drawing attention.  



Yahoo! Facebook Ads and Posts


Yahoo!’s use of variety of creatives, colors, narratives, and styles to appeal to any audience.



Multifuse Facebook Ad


What I like about this ad is the creative graphic and sassy copy. But what I love about this ad is the enticing CTA to ask the company anything in the comments. Looks like other people thought it was enticing as well, as the ad received 156 comments at the time I took the screenshot. 




Workspace Facebook Ad


And finally, if Facebook would advertise on Facebook, how would they do it? Here is how. 









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