We help businesses go live and start seeing results 

quickly and efficiently!

What We Do

We make it possible for you to launch a smart campaign in 24 hours or less.

  Facebook Advertising  

More than 2 billion People use Facebook every month!

Find your customers with Facebook's superb targeting capabilities.

Engage your customers with Facebook’s interactive ad formats.

Drive Action by delivering your message directly to your customer's feed.

Facebook provides advertisers with an ideal environment to strategically reach their audiences. But it is also one of the most saturated advertising platforms on the market today. 


Our Facebook Advertising specialists can help you navigate through that clutter and capture the attention of your customer.

  Search Advertising  

More than 2.5 billion Google searches per day!

'Just a search away' means you can reach your customer when it matters. 

Get results by driving highly relevant traffic to your landing page or having people call your business. 

Keyword targeting allows businesses to be found when they are sought after.

Whether your listing appears organically on the first page of the SERP or not, the right ad can help promote specific offers that often get lost in the clutter.  


Our Google Advertising specialists are certified and can help you enhance your performance by driving highly relevant traffic to your website while spending less on irrelevant clicks. 

  Video Advertising  

More than 13 billion videos are watched every day!

Facebook and YouTube are leading the industry with 30% of the market share. 

Video is proven to be the most engaging type of content

Video ads can increase conversion rates by 35%, which means video ads sell!

The video advertising space has transitioned from TV to digital. YouTube and Facebook alone have 115 million active users per day. That's Super Bowl reach every single day! 


Our Advertising specialists can help you reach the right people, at the right time and place. Taking advantage of best practices, you can benefit from your own Super Bowl every day at steal rates. 

2018 © DigitalPM All Rights Reserved  •  Privacy Policy

2018 © DigitalPM All Rights Reserved  •  Privacy Policy

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contact@digpm.com    (415) 952-3642